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“When you are learning estate planning there are basically two methods. Grind it out by reading for hours and hours or spend an hour or two each week with Heather. She knows her stuff. She is a very good teacher and her organized approach makes learning the process easy. And… she will hold your hand to make sure that you are drafting estate plans that are legally effective and work for your clients. I highly recommend Heather’s coaching program.”

“Having Heather as an experienced estate planning mentor is invaluable. One hour of time spent with Heather makes me thousands of dollars in fees and most importantly – I provide a better service to my clients because of Heathers expertise. It’s a great win-win for all.”

“One of the benefits of the coaching program is that I can call Heather whenever I have a question on how to draft an estate plan. Another benefit is draft review. Having Heather review my drafts gives me the confidence to know that I am providing the correct solution for the needs of my client.”